Discovering library useful API's

There’s many API and web services that can be used to create mashups, or web applications that combine data from multiple sources within a single tool. Roy Tennant (@rtennant) mantains a wide selection of Library Application Program Interfaces in his webpage, and is a very good starting point to discover what data is available for us to mash up with our own library data.

Karen Coombs (@librarywebchic) from OCLC is also working on it and we can learn from her presentations, like Library Web Services: Mashups and APIs and also Web Services for Libraries: Tips, Code Samples, Explanations and Downloads, where Jason A. Clark (@jaclark) and herself show some practical examples.

Linked Data in Libraries is also another interesting blog where many contributors explain their experiences with different API and tools. So there’s no excuses to start mashing up your library data!

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